Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello!  This is Amy and Stephanie. Today was a very adventurous day! We went hiking all day. We met our guide Jenny in Homer and then took a boat to where we would be hiking. The hike had lots of different parts to it. We started off in a field station for Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies where they had touch tanks for us to look at various creatures from the ocean. A lot of the creatures were similar to what we had seen on our tide pool exploration a few days ago. From there we began hiking along the trails. Our first stop was "lost and found" lake and then we headed off to a native settlement. Jenny and Deb, our other guide, told us that people lived there up to 8000 years ago! By this point we were all getting hungry so we hiked up to Moose Point to have lunch. We enjoyed the great view of Gull Island while we ate. After that the hike began, and all of us (or so we thought) ventured back down the mountain. A few minutes into it, Dr. Stilts received a phone call from someone he "didn't know" so he hung up. Turns out, it was Stephanie calling in distress because she was separated from the rest of us. Jenn and Jenny went back to rescue Stephanie once we figured out what had happened. Once everyone was reunited, we maneuvered our way through giant boulders in order to get to a beach. We got to sit on Otter Rock (pictured above) and look at tide pools. From there we hiked back to the boat and we were EXHAUSTED! Overall though, it was a great day!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice tine on the trail. Glad to hear no major issue with the group getting split up, easy to do but not always easily remedied. Hope you all got some great pictures, they won't match your memories, but my experience is when you show them to friends and family they will get the same sense of awe that you felt, feel it and enjoy it.

    Have a safe trip home and hope you leave a piece of you in AK for you to find in the future, I know I did at Alsek Lake.

  2. Alaska is a beautiful State I have to agree.